pm_which man page

pm_which — find installed modules


    pm_which [ options ] module(s)

    Returns the path to the given module(s)


    -q, --quiet     Just print paths
    -p, --paths     Just convert the module name into a relative path
    -a, --all       Print all paths, not just the first one found
    -n, --namespace Print all modules in the given namespace
    -m              Only print module names, not paths
    -V              Show module version
    -I libpath      Add a path to search (like perl -I)
    -d, --dump      Dump paths that would be searched (@INC by default)
    -h, --help      Print this message
    -v, --version   Print version information
    -               Read modules from stdin, one per line


This tool reports the locations of installed perl modules.

By default it lists the location of each specified module that would be loaded by require.

Option Details


Under quiet mode, module names are suppressed and missing modules are not reported.

Normal output:

    $ pm_which Module::One Module::Two Missing::Module
    Module::One     - /path/to/Module/
    Module::Two     - /path/to/Module/
    Missing::Module - not found

Under --quiet:

    $ pm_which -q Module::One Module::Two Missing::Module


In "paths" mode, each module is simply converted into a relative file path. This is possible even when the module is not installed.

    $ pm_which -p Missing::Module


When the "all" switch is specified, all installed modules will be reported, not just the first one. This is useful for determining when there is a module installed in multiple locations.

    $ pm_which -a MyModule


Arguments are taken as namespaces to search under.

    $ pm_which -n MyModule
    MyModule            - /path/to/
    MyModule::Foo       - /path/to/MyModule/
    MyModule::Foo::Bar  - /path/to/MyModule/Foo/


Disables printing of module paths. This is only really useful in conjunction with --namespace.

    $ pm_which -nm MyModule


Prints the version of each module, according to ExtUtils::MakeMaker.

    $ pm_which -V MyModule
    MyModule - /path/to/ [ 1.00 ]

    $ pm_which -Vnm MyModule
    MyModule [ 1.00 ]
    MyModule::Foo [ 0.01 ]
    MyModule::Foo::Bar [ undef ]


Dumps the paths that would be searched and exits. This is @INC modified by any -I switches.

    $ pm_which --dump

    $ pm_which -I lib --dump -I blib/lib


Prints the version number of the script, plus the version and path of Module::Util that was loaded.

Exit Codes

See Also

This utility comes with Module::Util.


Matt Lawrence <>


2017-02-11 perl v5.24.1 User Contributed Perl Documentation