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plotquad - Man Page

Draws polygons over images.


plotquad [options] quads  > output.png


-I file

Input image (PPM format) to plot over.


Input image is PNG format, not PPM.


Write PPM output instead of PNG.

-C color

Color to plot in (default: white): darkred, red, darkgreen, green, blue, verydarkblue, white, black, cyan, magenta, yellow, brightred, skyblue, orange, gray, darkgray

-b color

Draw in color behind each line.


Also plot a circle at each vertex.

-W width

Width of output image.

-H height

Height of output image.

-w width

Width of lines to draw (default: 5).


Read quads from stdin.

-o opacity


-d dim

Dimension of "quad".

-s scale

Scale quad coordinates before plotting.

-m file

Get quad from match file. OR  x1 y1 x2 y2 x3 y3 x4 y4 [...]


The Astrometry.net team. Principal investigators are David W. Hogg (NYU) and Dustin Lang (CMU).

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