planarity man page

planarity — manual page for planarity 2.2.0


planarity [options]


This code project provides a library for implementing graph algorithms as well as implementations of several planarity-related graph algorithms. The origin of this project is the reference implementation for the Edge Addition Planarity Algorithm, which is now the fastest and simplest linear-time method for planar graph embedding and planarity obstruction isolation (i.e. Kuratowski subgraph isolation).

The software in this code project provides a graph algorithm framework and library, including an updated version of the edge addition combinatorial planar graph embedder and planar obstruction isolator (i.e., a Kuratowski subgraph isolator). This code project also includes several extensions that implement planarity-related algorithms such as a planar graph drawing algorithm, an outerplanar graph embedder and outerplanar obstruction isolator, and a number of subgraph homeomorphism search algorithms.

'planarity': menu-driven:


displays a help message

-h|-help -gen

more help with nauty generator command line

-h|-help -menu

more help with menu-based command line

-test [-q] [C]'

runs tests (optional quiet mode, single test)


planarity -s -q -p infile.txt embedding.out [obstruction.out]

Process infile.txt in quiet mode (-q), putting planar embedding in embedding.out or (optionally) a Kuratowski subgraph in obstruction.out.

Process returns 0=planar, 1=nonplanar, -1=error
planarity -s -q -d infile.txt embedding.out [drawing.out]

If graph in infile.txt is planar, then put embedding in embedding.out and (optionally) an ASCII art drawing in drawing.out.

Process returns 0=planar, 1=nonplanar, -1=error


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