pklogin_finder man page

pklogin_finder — maps certificates into a user


pklogin_finder [debug] [config_file=<filename>]


pklogin_finder uses the pam_pkcs11 library infrastructure to interactively map a PKCS#11 provided certificate to a user.

pklogin_finder uses the the same configuration file and arguments than pam_pkcs11(8) PAM module. Load defined mapper modules, and try to find a map between found certificates and a user login.


Enable debugging output. Default is no debug.
config_file=<configuration file>
Sets the configuration file to use. Default value is /etc/pam_pkcs11/pam_pkcs11.conf.

As it uses the same configuration file than pam_pkcs11, all pam_pkcs11 options are also available. Note that some of them has no sense in a non-PAM environment, so they will be ignored.

Return Value

On success pklogin_finder prints on stdout the login name and exits returns 0.

On user mapping error it returns 1.

On no user match it prints nothing and returns 2.




To run this program the standard way, insert a smart card into the reader and type:

Alternatively you can specify options:
pklogin_finder debug config_file=${HOME}/.pam_pkcs11.conf


Juan Antonio Martinez <jonsito@teleline.es>

See Also

pam_pkcs11(8), pkcs11_inspect(1), PAM-PKCS11 User Manual

Referenced By


Explore man page connections for pklogin_finder(1).

PAM-PKCS#11 Aug 2005