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Package — manual page for Package Changes Analyzer (PkgDiff) 1.7.2



Package Changes Analyzer

A tool for analyzing changes in Linux software packages


Package Changes Analyzer (PkgDiff) is a tool for analyzing

changes in Linux software packages (RPM, DEB, TAR.GZ, etc).

The tool is intended for Linux maintainers who are interested

in ensuring compatibility of old and new versions of packages.

This tool is free software: you can redistribute it and/or

modify it under the terms of the GNU GPL.


pkgdiff PKG1 PKG2 [options]


pkgdiff OLD.rpm NEW.rpm

pkgdiff OLD.tar.gz NEW.tar.gz



Path to the old version of a package (RPM, DEB, TAR.GZ, etc).

If you need to analyze a group of packages then you can

pass an XML-descriptor of this group (VERSION.xml file):


/* Group version */



/* Group name */








Path to the new version of a package (RPM, DEB, TAR.GZ, etc).

Information Options


Print this help.


Print version information.


Print the tool version (1.7.2) and don't do anything else.

General Options

-report-path PATH

Path to the report.




Try to create detailed reports.

-size-limit SIZE

Don't analyze files larger than SIZE in kilobytes.

-width WIDTH

Width of the Visual Diff.

Default: 75

-prelines NUM

Size of the context in the Visual Diff.

Default: 10


Ignore changes in the amount of white space.


Ignore all white space.


Ignore changes whose lines are all blank.


Quick mode without creating of Visual Diffs for files.


Try to find a smaller set of changes.

Other Options


Check if package content is used by other

packages in the repository.

-pkg-manager Name

Specify package management tool.


urpm - Mandriva URPM


Create XML-descriptor template ./VERSION.xml

-extra-info DIR

Dump extra info to DIR.

-tmp-dir DIR

Use custom temp directory.


Don't show unchanged files in the report.


Show debug info.

-name NAME

Set name of the package to Name.

-title TITLE

Set name of the package in the title of the report to TITLE.

-vnum1 NUM

Set version number of the old package to NUM.

-vnum2 NUM

Set version number of the new package to NUM.

-links-target TARGET

Set target attribute for links in the report:


_blank (default)


Show content of added and removed text files.


Skip checking of archives inside the input packages.

-skip-pattern REGEX

Skip checking of paths within archives matching REGEX.


Compare directories instead of packages.


Report will be generated to:


Exit Codes

0 - Unchanged. The tool has run without any errors.

non-zero - Changed or the tool has run with errors.

More Information


Written by Andrey Ponomarenko.

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