pkaction - Man Page

Get details about a registered action


pkaction [--version] [--help]

pkaction [--verbose]

pkaction --action-id action [--verbose]


pkaction is used to obtain information about registered polkit actions. If called without --action-id then all actions are displayed. Otherwise the action action. If called without the --verbose option only the name of the action is shown. Otherwise details about the actions are shown.

Return Value

On success pkaction returns 0. Otherwise a non-zero value is returned and a diagnostic message is printed on standard error.


Written by David Zeuthen <> with a lot of help from many others.


Please send bug reports to either the distribution or the polkit-devel mailing list, see the link on how to subscribe.

See Also

polkit(8), polkitd(8), pkcheck(1), pkexec(1), pkttyagent(1)

Referenced By

pkcheck(1), pkexec(1), pkttyagent(1), polkit(8), polkitd(8).

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