pipetty - Man Page

a tool to pipe from a pseudoterminal


pipetty command [ args... ]


pipetty lets you make a program unaware that its output is being redirected. This is usually useful for tools that detect whether they're run from a terminal and modify their output, typically colorizing it only when run interactively.

Usually, disabling colors when redirected is a good thing as most tools can't cope with ANSI codes.  Use pipetty when you do want colors, like when you're going to feed that output to ansi2html or less -R.


Certain programs, such as bash, don't quite like their stdin to be on a different terminal than stdout.

See Also

ansi2html(1), ansi2txt(1), less(1).

Referenced By

ansi2html(1), ansi2txt(1), lesstty(1).