pip-uninstall - Man Page

description of pip uninstall command

Examples (TL;DR)


Uninstall packages.

pip is able to uninstall most installed packages. Known exceptions are:


python -m pip uninstall [options] <package> ...
python -m pip uninstall [options] -r <requirements file> ...


-r,  --requirement <file>

Uninstall all the packages listed in the given requirements file.  This option can be used multiple times.

-y,  --yes

Don't ask for confirmation of uninstall deletions.

--root-user-action <root_user_action>

Action if pip is run as a root user. By default, a warning message is shown.


Allow pip to modify an EXTERNALLY-MANAGED Python installation


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The man pages pip-3.12-uninstall(1), pip3.12-uninstall(1), pip-3-uninstall(1) and pip3-uninstall(1) are aliases of pip-uninstall(1).

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