pip-list - Man Page

description of pip list command


List installed packages, including editables.

Packages are listed in a case-insensitive sorted order.


pip list [options]


-o, --outdated

List outdated packages

-u, --uptodate

List uptodate packages

-e, --editable

List editable projects.

-l, --local

If in a virtualenv that has global access, do not list globally-installed packages.


Only output packages installed in user-site.

--path <path>

Restrict to the specified installation path for listing packages (can be used multiple times).


Include pre-release and development versions. By default, pip only finds stable versions.

--format <list_format>

Select the output format among: columns (default), freeze, or json


List packages that are not dependencies of installed packages.


Exclude editable package from output.


Include editable package from output.


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The man pages pip-3.9-list(1), pip3.9-list(1), pip-3-list(1) and pip3-list(1) are aliases of pip-list(1).

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