pip-freeze - Man Page

description of pip freeze command


Output installed packages in requirements format.

packages are listed in a case-insensitive sorted order.


python -m pip freeze [options]


-r, ā€‰--requirement <file>

Use the order in the given requirements file and its comments when generating output. This option can be used multiple times.

-l, ā€‰--local

If in a virtualenv that has global access, do not output globally-installed packages.


Only output packages installed in user-site.

--path <path>

Restrict to the specified installation path for listing packages (can be used multiple times).


Do not skip these packages in the output: pip


Exclude editable package from output.

--exclude <package>

Exclude specified package from the output


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The man pages pip-3.12-freeze(1), pip3.12-freeze(1), pip-3-freeze(1) and pip3-freeze(1) are aliases of pip-freeze(1).

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