pip-config - Man Page

description of pip config command


Manage local and global configuration.


list: List the active configuration (or from the file specified) edit: Edit the configuration file in an editor get: Get the value associated with name set: Set the name=value unset: Unset the value associated with name

If none of --user, --global and --site are passed, a virtual environment configuration file is used if one is active and the file exists. Otherwise, all modifications happen on the to the user file by default.


pip config [<file-option>] list
pip config [<file-option>] [--editor <editor-path>] edit

pip config [<file-option>] get name
pip config [<file-option>] set name value
pip config [<file-option>] unset name


--editor <editor>

Editor to use to edit the file. Uses VISUAL or EDITOR environment variables if not provided.


Use the system-wide configuration file only


Use the user configuration file only


Use the current environment configuration file only


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Referenced By

The man pages pip-3.9-config(1), pip3.9-config(1), pip-3-config(1) and pip3-config(1) are aliases of pip-config(1).

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