phpdbg man page

phpdbg — The interactive PHP debugger


phpdbg [OPTION] [-eFILE]


phpdbg a lightweight, powerful, easy to use debugging platform for PHP5.


The following switches are implemented (just like cli SAPI):


No php.ini file will be used


Look for php.ini file in the directory path or use the specified file


Load Zend extension file


Define INI entry foo with value bar


Disables quietness


Enabled stepping


Sets execution context


Disables use of colour on the console


Ignore .phpdbginit (default init file)


Override .phpgdbinit location (implies -I)


Set oplog output to file


Do not print banner on startup


Jump straight to run


Enable step through eval()


Passing -rr will cause phpdbg to quit after execution, rather than returning to the console


Written by Felipe Pena, Joe Watkins and Bob Weinand, formatted by Ondřej Surý for Debian project.

Referenced By

The man page zts-phpdbg(1) is an alias of phpdbg(1).