pg_conftool man page

pg_conftool — read and edit PostgreSQL cluster configuration files


pg_conftool [options] [version cluster] [configfile] command


pg_conftool allows to show and set parameters in PostgreSQL configuration files.

If version cluster is omitted, it defaults to the default cluster (see user_clusters(5) and postgresqlrc(5)). If configfile is omitted, it defaults to postgresql.conf. configfile can also be a path, in which case version cluster is ignored.


-b, --boolean

Format boolean value as on or off (not for “show all”).

-s, --short

Show only the value (instead of key = value pair).

-v, --verbose

Verbose output.


Print help.


show parameter|all

Show a parameter, or all present in this config file.

set parameter value

Set or update a parameter.

remove parameter

Remove (comment out) a parameter from a config file.


Open the config file in an editor.  Unless $EDITOR is set, vi is used.

See Also

user_clusters(5), postgresqlrc(5)


Christoph Berg <>


2018-09-26 Debian PostgreSQL infrastructure