pg_autoctl_perform_switchover - Man Page


pg_autoctl perform switchover ā€” pg_autoctl perform switchover

pg_autoctl perform switchover ā€” Perform a switchover for given formation and group


This command starts a Postgres switchover orchestration from the pg_auto_switchover monitor:

usage: pg_autoctl perform switchover  [ --pgdata --formation --group ]

--pgdata      path to data directory
--formation   formation to target, defaults to 'default'
--group       group to target, defaults to 0


The pg_auto_switchover monitor can be used to orchestrate a manual switchover, sometimes also known as a switchover. When doing so, split-brain are prevented thanks to intermediary states being used in the Finite State Machine.

The pg_autoctl perform switchover command waits until the switchover is known complete on the monitor, or until the hard-coded 60s timeout has passed.

The switchover orchestration is done in the background by the monitor, so even if the pg_autoctl perform switchover stops on the timeout, the switchover orchestration continues at the monitor.

See also pg_autoctl perform failover, a synonym for this command.



Location of the Postgres node being managed locally. Defaults to the environment variable PGDATA. Use --monitor to connect to a monitor from anywhere, rather than the monitor URI used by a local Postgres node managed with pg_autoctl.


Formation to target for the operation. Defaults to default.


Postgres group to target for the operation. Defaults to 0, only Citus formations may have more than one group.




Aug 04, 2022 1.6 pg_auto_failover