pg_autoctl_disable_secondary - Man Page


pg_autoctl disable secondary ā€” pg_autoctl disable secondary

pg_autoctl disable secondary ā€” Disable secondary nodes on a formation


This feature makes the most sense when using the Enterprise Edition of pg_auto_failover, which is fully compatible with Citus formations. When secondary are disabled, then Citus workers creation policy is to assign a primary node then a standby node for each group. When secondary is disabled the Citus workers creation policy is to assign only the primary nodes.

 usage: pg_autoctl disable secondary  [ --pgdata --formation ]

--pgdata      path to data directory
--formation   Formation to disable secondary on



Location of the Postgres node being managed locally. Defaults to the environment variable PGDATA. Use --monitor to connect to a monitor from anywhere, rather than the monitor URI used by a local Postgres node managed with pg_autoctl.


Target formation where to disable secondary feature.




Aug 04, 2022 1.6 pg_auto_failover