pg_autoctl_config_check - Man Page


pg_autoctl config check ā€” pg_autoctl config check

pg_autoctl config check ā€” Check pg_autoctl configuration


This command implements a very basic list of sanity checks for a pg_autoctl node setup:

usage: pg_autoctl config check  [ --pgdata ] [ --json ]

--pgdata      path to data directory
--json        output data in the JSON format



Location of the Postgres node being managed locally. Defaults to the environment variable PGDATA. Use --monitor to connect to a monitor from anywhere, rather than the monitor URI used by a local Postgres node managed with pg_autoctl.


Output JSON formated data.


$ pg_autoctl config check --pgdata node1
18:37:27 63749 INFO  Postgres setup for PGDATA "/Users/dim/dev/MS/pg_auto_failover/tmux/node1" is ok, running with PID 5501 and port 99698
18:37:27 63749 INFO  Connection to local Postgres ok, using "port=5501 dbname=demo host=/tmp"
18:37:27 63749 INFO  Postgres configuration settings required for pg_auto_failover are ok
18:37:27 63749 WARN  Postgres 12.1 does not support replication slots on a standby node
18:37:27 63749 INFO  Connection to monitor ok, using "postgres://autoctl_node@localhost:5500/pg_auto_failover?sslmode=prefer"
18:37:27 63749 INFO  Monitor is running version "", as expected
pgdata:                /Users/dim/dev/MS/pg_auto_failover/tmux/node1
pg_ctl:                /Applications/
pg_version:            12.3
pghost:                /tmp
pgport:                5501
proxyport:             0
pid:                   99698
is in recovery:        no
Control Version:       1201
Catalog Version:       201909212
System Identifier:     6941034382470571312
Latest checkpoint LSN: 0/6000098
Postmaster status:     ready




Aug 04, 2022 1.6 pg_auto_failover