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pg_autoctl_activate - Man Page


pg_autoctl activate — pg_autoctl activate

pg_autoctl activate — Activate a Citus worker from the Citus coordinator


This command calls the Citus “activation” API so that a node can be used to host shards for your reference and distributed tables.

usage: pg_autoctl activate  [ --pgdata ]

  --pgdata      path to data directory


When creating a Citus worker, pg_autoctl create worker automatically activates the worker node to the coordinator. You only need this command when something unexpected have happened and you want to manually make sure the worker node has been activated at the Citus coordinator level.

Starting with Citus 10 it is also possible to activate the coordinator itself as a node with shard placement. Use pg_autoctl activate on your Citus coordinator node manually to use that feature.

When the Citus coordinator is activated, an extra step is then needed for it to host shards of distributed tables. If you want your coordinator to have shards, then have a look at the Citus API citus_set_node_property to set the shouldhaveshards property to true.



Location of the Postgres node being managed locally. Defaults to the environment variable PGDATA. Use --monitor to connect to a monitor from anywhere, rather than the monitor URI used by a local Postgres node managed with pg_autoctl.




Jan 25, 2024 2.1 pg_auto_failover