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pft-show - Man Page

Show the built site


pft show [-v]


Once the site is built with pft-make(1), it can be visualized locally by invoking pft show.

This command is really just syntactic sugar for:

    $BROWSER ROOT/build/index.html

Where $BROWSER depends on the pft.yaml configuration file (see pft-init(1)) or by the $BROWSER environment variable if no browser is defined by the configuration.



The browser can be specified by name (e.g. firefox) or as a sh(1) command line, where %s is replaced with the file name (e.g. firefox '%s').

This flag overrides the system.browser setting in the pft.yaml file. If neither the flag nor the setting are specified, the $BROWSER environment variable will be honored.

--help | -h

Show this help.

See Also

pft-init(1), pft-make(1)

Referenced By

pft(1), pft-init(1).

2024-01-25 perl v5.38.2 User Contributed Perl Documentation