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pft-pub - Man Page

Publish content


pft pub


Publish content (e.g. on a remote webserver).

The publishing method is defined in the pft.yaml configuration file, and can be specified with the --publishing-method flag of pft-init(1).

Each of the supported publishing methods requires a different set of parameters: a comprehensive list of methods and parameters can be obtained by invoking pft pub --list-required-conf.


Copy the ROOT/build directory in another part of the filesystem.

This installation method will clear the target directory before reconstructing it: any data contained in such directory will be lost. Consider using the ROOT/inject directory for auxiliary files (see pft(1)).


Copy the ROOT/build directory via rsync(1) onto a remote server, using ssh(1) as transport protocol.



List available publishing methods and the expected parameters in the configuration file.

The output is compatible with the option specification of pft-init(1).

--help | -h

Show this help

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Referenced By

pft(1), pft-init(1), pft-make(1).

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