pft-ls man page

pft ls — List objects in your PFT site


pft ls <class> [options] pft ls --help


List objects.

The general usage provides a class of objects to lists. For instance

    pft ls tags

Will list all the tags from all pages and entries.


A number of possible classes can be specified. Here follows a list with a short description, while better details can be found in the main "pft" manpage ("man pft").


List all regular pages in "ROOT/content/pages".

This class supports the "--pretty" argument.


List all blog pages in "ROOT/content/blog". This includes daily entries and monthly entries

This class supports the "--pretty" argument.


Scan through all entries and list all used tags.


List all tag pages, that is pages describing tags.

This class supports the "--pretty" argument.


--help | -h

Show this help.


Show paths and titles, namely quick alias for:


Print properties of the listed nodes according to the specified format. The format uses the same percent notation as printf. Note that some of those values can be void (for example, pages don't have a date). If this is the case the placeholder gets expanded with an empty string.

The output is encoding depending on the locale.

%t → Title

%p → Path (might be void if the node is virtual)

%g → Comma separated list of tags (possibly void)

%a → Author (possibly void)

%s → Slug (or name, if the node is virtual)

%D → Date in yyyy-mm-dd format (possibly void)

%y → Year (possibly void)

%m → Month (possibly void)

%d → Day (possibly void)

%o → Comma separated value of option=value pairs (possibly void)


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