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pft-gen-rss - Man Page

Generate a Feed RSS for the website


pft gen-rss


This command will generate an XML file according to the RSS (Really Simple Syndacation) specification.

The default behaviour is to position the generated file in the root of the build directory, and named feed.rss.  The generated feed will contain one item element for each of last 10 blog entries.

The global PFT configuration allows to change the default path of the file and the number of listed blog entries (see pft-init(1)).



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In PFT blog entries are timestamped with a day resolution.  There is no obvious way to timestamp the publishing date (pubDate) of blog entries with a better time resolution, so the hour is rounded up to midnight.

The generated RSS feed will use the publishing date of the most recent entry as lastBuildDate.  This makes the implementation simple, but yields inaccurate results should the user update an old blog entry.

See Also

pft(1), pft-init(1)

Referenced By

pft(1), pft-init(1), pft-make(1).

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