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pfstmo_ferradans11 - Man Page

Tone mapping operator with visual adaptation and local contrast enhancement


pfstmo_ferradans11 [--rho-r <val>] [--inv_alpha-a <val>] [--help]


This command implements a tone mapping operator as described in:

S. Ferradans, M. Bertalmio, E. Provenzi and V. Caselles

An analysis of visual adaptation and contrast perception for tone mapping.

In: Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence, 2011.

Note that this operator does NOT require gamma correction. See the example below.


--rho-r <val>, -r <val>

Controls over all lightness(related to the adaptation level), the greater the value the brighter the final image. Default value: -4

--inv_alpha-a <val>, -a<val>

Controls the level of detail, the higher the value the bigger the level of detail enhancement. Default value: 0.1


Print additional information during program execution.

--help,  -h

Print list of commandline options.


pfsin Tree.pfm | pfstmo_ferradans11  --rho -3 --inv_alpha 10 | pfsout tree.png

Tone map image and save it in png format.

See Also

pfsgamma(1) pfsin(1) pfsout(1) pfsview(1)


Please report bugs and comments to the pfstools discussion group (http://groups.google.com/group/pfstools).

Referenced By

luminance-hdr(1), luminance-hdr-cli(1).