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pfsinme - Man Page

Read image files containing multiple exposures to be merged into an HDR image


pfsinme <file> [<file>]


Use this program to read multiple exposure JPEG or RAW images. The output of this command should be piped to pfshdrcalibrate to recover a camera response or merge images into an HDR image.

All listed files must be the same type, that is mixing JPEG and RAW images is not allowed. You can use wildcards.

This command is a convinience wrapper for jpeg2hdrgen, dcraw2hdrgen and pfsinhdrgen, which skips the step of generating an hdrgen file


pfsinme *.jpg | pfsrotate -r | pfshdrcalibrate -s response.m -v

Read all JPEG images in the current directory, rotate them and merge into an HDR image

See Also

pfshdrcalibrate(1) jpeg2hdrgen(1) dcraw2hdrgen(1) pfsinhdrgen(1)


The command cannot handle files with a space in the file name because of the pfsinhdrgen limitation.

Please report bugs and comments on implementation to  the discussion group http://groups.google.com/group/pfstools

Referenced By

luminance-hdr(1), luminance-hdr-cli(1), pfs_automerge(1), pfsinhdrgen(1).