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pfsinhdrgen - Man Page

Create a pfs stream with different exposures defined by hdrgen script.


pfsinhdrgen <sample.hdrgen>


This program reads files defined in given hdrgen script and outputs them in a PFS stream. Each frame has a tag BV with corresponding brightness value (APEX standard). Larger BV corresponds to less exposure (darker image), necessary to capture a bright scene.

The generated PFS stream is to be used with photo-metric calibration software and with generators of HDR images.

HDRGEN script file is a plain text file in which each line contains: <path_to_an_image> <inverse_of_exposure_time_in_seconds> <aperture_size> <iso_speed> 0

In most cases it is convenient to use the jpeg2hdrgen program to create such a file automatically. In case it could not parse the exif information from jpeg files, it is necessary to create this file by hand. Below are the sample contents of such file:

<--- cut here: sample.hdrgen /var/tmp/images/img08.jpg 4 2.8 100 0 /var/tmp/images/img09.jpg 58.8235 2.8 100 0 /var/tmp/images/img10.jpg 76.9231 2.8 100 0 /var/tmp/images/img11.jpg 322.581 2.8 100 0 /var/tmp/images/img12.jpg 400 2.8 100 0 <--- cut here: sample.hdrgen


pfsinhdrgen sample.hdrgen | pfsview

View exposures defined in sample.hdrgen script.

See Also

jpeg2hdrgen(1) pfshdrcalibrate(1) pfsinme(1)


The command cannot handle files with a space in the name.

Please report bugs and comments on implementation to  Grzegorz Krawczyk <gkrawczyk@users.sourceforge.net>.

Referenced By

dcraw2hdrgen(1), jpeg2hdrgen(1), luminance-hdr(1), luminance-hdr-cli(1), pfshdrcalibrate(1), pfsinme(1).