pfscat - Man Page

Concatenate frames in PFS stream


pfscat [--horizontal] [--vertical] [-j <type>]  [-R <val>] [-G <val>] [-B <val>] [-Y <val>] [--help] image1.pfs image2.pfs ...


Read number of frames as input, stitch them either horizontally or vertically, and produce single frame as output. If frames are not all the same size they are justified with each other - by default they are  centered, but can also be flushed with a specified edge.  


--horizontal,  -H

Stitch frames horizontally.

--vertical,  -V

Stitch frames vertically.  

-j <type>

Specify justification of input frames. Predefined types are: min,  max, center.

-R <val>, -G <val>, -B <val>

Color of an extra space in a resulting image. Default color is black,  and if some of the components is not specified, its value is set to 0.0.

-Y <val>

Color of an extra space in luminance mode.

--help,  -h

Print a list of commandline options.


pfsinmulti anim1_%04d.hdr anim2_%04d.hdr -- pfscat @1 @2 --vertical

Stitch two hdr animations in vertical alignment. 'pfscat' is taken as an argument by 'pfsinmulti', therefore it must be preceded with '--'. Number of @1 @2 ... @n arguments must be the same as number of animations to combine.


Note that either --horizontal or --vertical option must be specified.

See Also

pfsin(1) pfsout(1)


Please report bugs and comments to Dorota Zdrojewska <>.

Referenced By

luminance-hdr(1), luminance-hdr-cli(1).