pfs_automerge - Man Page

Script for scanning all subdirectories of a given directory and merging RAW files into HDR images


pfs_automerge [--align|-a] [--dest <dir>|-d <dir>] [--format (exr|hdr)|-f (exr|hdr)]


This command can be used to mass-merge multiple HDR images from RAW files,  where each exposure stack is stored in a separate directory. pfs_split_exposures can be used to automatically group RAW images into individual directories.


--align,  -a

When set, the images will be aligned with pfsalign before merging.

--dest <dir>, -d <dir>

Write merged HDR images into the directory <dir>. Default: "merged".

--format (exr|hdr)|-f (exr|hdr)

Store HDR images in OpenEXR format (exr) or Radiance RGBE (hdr). Default: "exr".

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