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Display the content of the persist file


persist-tool [command] [options]


NOTE: The persist-tool application is distributed with the syslog-ng system logging application, and is usually part of the syslog-ng package. The latest version of the syslog-ng application is available at the official syslog-ng website[1].

This manual page is only an abstract, for the complete documentation of syslog-ng, see the The syslog-ng Administrator Guide[2].

The persist-tool application is a utility that can be used to dump the content of the persist file, and manipulate its content.


Persist-tool is a special tool for syslog-ng experts. Do use the tool unless you know exactly what you are doing. Misconfiguring it will result in irrecoverable damage to the persist file, without any warning.


  • The persist-state functions can be used only with syslog-ng PE 5 LTS style persist file (SLP4). Older persist files are not supported.
  • Wildcard characters are not supported in file/directory names.

The Dump Command

dump [options] [persist_file]

Use the dump command to print the current content of the persist file in JSON format to the console.

The dump command has the following options:

--help or -?

Display a brief help message.


persist-tool dump /usr/local/var/syslog-ng.persist

The output looks like:

run_id = { "value": "00 00 00 00 0C 00 00 00 " }
host_id = { "value": "00 00 00 00 5F 49 2F 01 " }

The Add Command

add [options] [input_file]

Use the add command to add or modify a specified state-entry in the persist file. The state-entry should be in the same format as the dump command displays it. If the given state-entry already exists, it will be updated. Otherwise, a new value will be added. If the given persist state is invalid, it will be skipped.

To use the add command: use persist-tool dump to print the content of the current persist file, and redirect it to a file. Edit the content of this file. Use persist-tool add with this file to modify the persist.

The add command has the following options:

--help or -?

Display a brief help message.

--output-dir=<directory> or -o

Required parameter. The directory where the persist file is located at. The name of the persist file stored in this directory must be syslog-ng.persist.


/usr/local/bin/persist-tool add dump_persist -o .

The valid output looks like:

log_reader_curpos(Application)      OK
affile_sd_curpos(/var/aaa.txt)        OK

The invalid output looks like:

log_reader_curpos(Application)      OK
        FAILED (error: Invalid entry syntax)
affile_sd_curpos(/var/aaa.txt)        OK



See Also




For the detailed documentation of see The 4.6 Administrator Guide[3]

If you experience any problems or need help with syslog-ng, visit the syslog-ng mailing list[4].

For news and notifications about of syslog-ng, visit the syslog-ng blogs[5].


This manual page was written by the Balabit Documentation Team <>.


  1. official syslog-ng website
  2. The syslog-ng Administrator Guide
  3. The  4.6 Administrator Guide
  4. syslog-ng mailing list
  5. syslog-ng blogs


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