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perlivp - Man Page

Perl Installation Verification Procedure


perlivp [-p] [-v] [-h]


The perlivp program is set up at Perl source code build time to test the Perl version it was built under.  It can be used after running:

    make install

(or your platform's equivalent procedure) to verify that perl and its libraries have been installed correctly.  A correct installation is verified by output that looks like:

    ok 1
    ok 2



-h help

Prints out a brief help message.

-p print preface

Gives a description of each test prior to performing it.

-v verbose

Gives more detailed information about each test, after it has been performed. Note that any failed tests ought to print out some extra information whether or not -v is thrown.


For further information on how to conduct a proper installation consult the  INSTALL file that comes with the perl source and the README file for your  platform.


Peter Prymmer


2024-06-12 perl v5.40.0 Perl Programmers Reference Guide