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perl-tags - Man Page


  Usage: perl-tags <options> <input files or dirs...>
  Generates "perltags" files for use with your editor of choice.

  -h/--help      Display this help
  -v/--version   Display the version number

  -o/--outfile   Set the path/name of the output file (default: perltags)
  -d/--depth     Set the max recursion depth (recursion into "use Module", etc)
                 (default: 10, use 0 to set no limit)
                 Set whether variables should be indexed. (Default: yes)

  -p/--ppi       use PPI parsing (Default: no)
  --prune        Glob patterns to prune. May be passed multiple times. 
                 (Default: .git, .svn)
  --files/-L     Instead of input files or dirs specified after the options,
                   read paths of the files to process from this file, one
                   per line.  If '-' is specified, stdin is read.


Copyright 2009-2014, Steffen Mueller, with contributions from osfameron


2024-01-25 perl v5.38.2 User Contributed Perl Documentation