perf-data - Man Page

Data file related processing


perf data [<common options>] <command> [<options>]",


Data file related processing.



Converts perf data file into another format. It’s possible to set data-convert debug variable to get debug messages from conversion, like: perf --debug data-convert data convert ...

Options for Convert


Triggers the CTF conversion, specify the path of CTF data directory.


Triggers JSON conversion. Specify the JSON filename to output.


Convert time to wall clock time.


Specify input perf data file path.

-f,  --force

Don’t complain, do it.

-v,  --verbose

Be more verbose (show counter open errors, etc).


Convert all events, including non-sample events (comm, fork, ...), to output. Default is off, only convert samples.

See Also

perf(1) [1] Common Trace Format -

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