perf-buildid-list - Man Page

List the buildids in a file


perf buildid-list <options>


This command displays the buildids found in a file, so that other tools can be used to fetch packages with matching symbol tables for use by perf report.

It can also be used to show the build id of the running kernel or in an ELF file using -i/--input.


-H,  --with-hits

Show only DSOs with hits.

-i,  --input=

Input file name. (default: unless stdin is a fifo)

-f,  --force

Don’t do ownership validation.

-k,  --kernel

Show running kernel build id.

-m,  --kernel-maps

Show buildid, start/end text address, and path of running kernel and its modules.

-v,  --verbose

Be more verbose.

See Also

perf-record(1), perf-top(1), perf-report(1)

Referenced By

perf(1), perf-archive(1), perf-buildid-cache(1), perf-kvm(1).

04/16/2024 perf Manual