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pdldoc - Man Page

shell interface to PDL documentation


pdldoc <text>


The aim of pdldoc is to provide the same functionality as the apropos, help, sig, badinfo, and usage commands available in the perldl and pdl2 shells.

Think of it as the PDL equivalent of perldoc -f.


-h help

print documentation about a PDL function or module or show a PDL manual. This is the default option.

-a apropos

Regex search PDL documentation database.

-b badinfo

Information on the support for bad values provided by the function.

-s sig

prints signature of PDL function.

-u usage

Prints usage information for a PDL function.


This PDL configuration variable may be set in the perldl.conf file to disable runtime search for documentation in PDL::AutoLoader files.


This is pdldoc version 0.3.


Doug Burke <burke at ifa dot hawaii dot edu>. Chris Marshall <chm at cpan dot org>.


2024-06-11 perl v5.40.0 User Contributed Perl Documentation