pdiff man page

pdiff — produce a pretty comparison between files


pdiff FILE1 FILE2 [-- A2PS-OPTIONS...]


Pretty print the differences between FILE1 and FILE2.


-h, --help
display this help and exit
-v, --version
display version information and exit
-q, --quiet
don't print informational messages
-o, --output=FILE
save the output in FILE

Options for a2ps are given after `--', for instance

$ pdiff COPYING COPYING.LIB -- -Pdisplay

News, updates and documentation: http://www.inf.enst.fr/~demaille/a2ps/.


Written by Akim Demaille.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to <bug-a2ps@gnu.org>.

See Also

a2ps(1), card(1), fixps(1), pdiff(1), psset(1), texi2dvi4a2ps(1).

Referenced By

a2ps(1), card(1), fixps(1), psmandup(1), psset(1), texi2dvi4a2ps(1).

February 2016 pdiff 0.4 (GNU a2ps 4.14) FSF