pdfunite - Man Page

Portable Document Format (PDF) page merger

Examples (TL;DR)


pdfunite [options] PDF-sourcefile1..PDF-sourcefilen PDF-destfile


pdfunite merges several PDF (Portable Document Format) files in order of their occurrence on command line to one PDF result file.

Neither of the PDF-sourcefile1 to PDF-sourcefilen should be encrypted.



Print copyright and version information.


Print usage information. (-help and --help are equivalent.)


pdfunite sample1.pdf sample2.pdf sample.pdf

merges all pages from sample1.pdf and sample2.pdf (in that order) and creates sample.pdf


The pdfunite software and documentation are copyright 1996-2004 Glyph & Cog, LLC and copyright 2005-2011 The Poppler Developers - http://poppler.freedesktop.org

See Also

pdfdetach(1), pdffonts(1), pdfimages(1), pdfinfo(1), pdftocairo(1), pdftohtml(1), pdftoppm(1), pdftops(1), pdftotext(1) pdfseparate(1), pdfsig(1)

Referenced By

pdfattach(1), pdfdetach(1), pdffonts(1), pdfimages(1), pdfinfo(1), pdfseparate(1), pdfsig(1), pdftocairo(1), pdftohtml(1), pdftoppm(1), pdftops(1), pdftotext(1).

15 September 2011