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pdfbook — put the pages of PDF files into 2-up signatures


pdfbook [--short-edge] [OPTION [OPTION] ...] [SRC [PAGESPEC] [SRC [PAGESPEC]] ...]


pdfbook makes 2-up versions of PDF files, with the pages ordered as signatures. The default signature size is 4: to change this, use the option '--signature N', where N is a multiple of 4 (alternatively use '--signature* N' for right-edge binding).

The default is to make pages suitable for long-edge binding. For short-edge binding, use '--short-edge' as the first argument; this will only work if the LaTeX package 'everyshi' is installed.

The default output page orientation is landscape. To change this, use the '--no-landscape' option.

By default, the option '--booklet true' is used (see the pdfpages manual for details). To turn this off, just specify '--booklet false'.

If no source PDF file ('SRC') is specified, input is from /dev/stdin. If 'PAGESPEC' is omitted, all pages are processed.

Source files are processed sequentially into a single output unless the '--batch' option is used, in which case they are processed separately.

pdfbook is a simple wrapper for pdfjam, which provides a front end to many of the capabilities of the pdfpages package for pdflatex. A working installation of pdflatex, with the pdfpages package, is required.

pdfbook operates on one or more PDF files, and (either with the '--batch' option or with '--outfile DIR' where 'DIR' is a directory) the resulting files have the suffix '-book' applied to their names by default. To change the suffix, use the '--suffix' option, for example

pdfbook --suffix 'sig4' --batch myfile1.pdf myfile2.pdf

will result in files named 'myfile1-sig4.pdf' and 'myfile2-sig4.pdf'.

pdfbook is part of the "PDFjam" package of tools, whose homepage is at http://www.warwick.ac.uk/go/pdfjam.


See http://go.warwick.ac.uk/pdfjam .


For the other available options and site/user defaults, see the output of

pdfjam --help

For further information and some examples see http://go.warwick.ac.uk/pdfjam .

Limitations and Bugs

pdfbook does not work with encrypted PDF files, and does not preserve hyperlinks.

Please report bugs! See the website at http://www.warwick.ac.uk/go/pdfjam .


PDFjam is distributed under the GNU public license.

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pdfbook is written and maintained by David Firth as part of the PDFjam package.

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10 March 2010