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pcdovtoppm - Man Page

create index image for a photo CD

Examples (TL;DR)


pcdovtoppm [-m width] [-s size] [-a across] [-c colors] [-f font] [-b|-w] [pcdfile]


This program is part of Netpbm(1).

This program generates an index image in PPM format for a photo CD, based on the photo CD overview file.

You can achieve a similar result with hpcdtoppm -Overview followed by pnmindex -black on the generated PPM images.


In addition to the options common to all programs based on libnetpbm (most notably -quiet, see Common Options ), pcdovtoppm recognizes the following command line options:


Maximum width of the result image (default: 1152).


Maximum size of each of the images (default: 192).


Maximum number of images across (default: 6).


Maximum number of colors, or  n

to mean no quantization


Font to be used for annotation (default: internal font).


Black background color (default).


White background color.

The Netpbm common options -version, -plain and -quiet were implemented starting with Netpbm 10.91 (June 2020).  Before that, none of these options were valid.


pcdovtoppm -m 768 -s 96 -f smallfont.pbm overview.pcd > overview.ppm
pcdovtoppm /cdrom/photo_cd/overview.pcd | ppmtojpeg > overview.jpg


This program was formerly called pcdindex, which did not fit Netpbm naming conventions.

See Also

hpcdtoppm(1), pnmindex(1), ppmtojpeg(1), ppm(1)

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