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pcb-rnd - Man Page

Printed Circuit Board editor


pcb-rnd [options] [inputfile]


pcb-rnd is a modular PCB editor. The main use is interactive editing. If no -x is specified on the command line, the graphical editor mode is initiated. Automated, headless processing is also possible with -x or --gui batch.


--help topic

Print help about topic and exit; if no topic is specified, print available topics.

-x exporter [exportflags] inputfile

Instead of interactive editing, export the design (loaded from inputfile) to a file using the specified exporter plugin. A list of exporter-specific parameters may follow to control the details of the process.

--gui hid

Use the hid plugin for the "gui" frontend. Common choices are "gtk" or "lesstif" for graphical user interfaces and "batch" for a headless command-line interface (or automated batch processing).

-c path=val

Set a config node in role CFR_CLI. The path of the node is path (e.g. editor/grid) and the new value is val (e.g. 5mm).

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2018-01-01 pcb-rnd manual