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make a (Japanese) bibliography for (La)TeX


pbibtex [options] auxname[.aux]


pBIBT E X (pbibtex) is a modified version of BIBT E X for Japanese handling. It sorts entries according to code points in EUC-JP. Also, a new built-in function is.kanji.str$ which determines whether an entry is outside ASCII is introduced.

upBIBT E X (upbibtex) is a modified version of pBIBT E X, which sorts entries according to code points in Unicode.

Extensions to Bibliography Style Functions

A new built-in function is available, and some other functions are modified to simplify Japanese handling.


[New feature] Pops the top (string) literal to see if it contains any non-ASCII characters. Pushes 1 if it contains at least one, 0 if not.


Modified to avoid dividing a character string in the middle of a multibyte character.


Similar modification to substring$ described above.


Modified to prevent appending "." after Japanese punctuations corresponding to "!", "?" and "." (e.g. U+FF01, U+FF1F, U+3002 and U+FF0E).


Modified to accept Japanese zenkaku ideographic space (U+3000) for names displayed in Japanese. Also modified to recognize Japanese commas (U+3001 and U+FF0C) similar to "and" between names.

See Also

bibtex(1), ptex(1).


Japanese version of BIBT E X was originally developed by Shouichi Matsui as JBIBT E X until 1991. It was developed to behave consistently with NTT JT E X in handling legacy Japanese encodings. The old documentations jbibtex.pdf, jbtxdoc.tex, jbtxhak.tex (all available in T E X Live) describe Japanese handling capability and some additional notes of JBIBT E X.

Current (u)pBIBT E X is a forked version of JBIBT E X, and has replaced the encoding conversion routine with one that is compatible with (u)pT E X community edition using the ptexenc library. Note that descriptions of encodings in the old documentations j*.pdf (especially Section 3.3 of jbibtex.pdf, such as BIBTERMCODE and BIBFILECODE) are incorrect anymore.

This manual page was written by Hironobu Yamashita.

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The man page upbibtex(1) is an alias of pbibtex(1).

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