pbc_disassemble - Man Page

parrot bytecode disassembler


pbc_disassemble [-bh?] [--bare|--header-only] [-o outfile] [file.pbc]


pbc_disassemble translates Parrot bytecode (PBC) into Parrot assembly language (PASM).

file.pbc is the bytecode file to disassemble. If a file is not specified, the bytecode will be read from stdin. Additionally, if the -o switch is not given, the output is displayed to stdout.


-?, --help

Displays usage and help information.

-b, --bare

Displays bare PASM without the header and left column.

-h, --header-only

Displays only the constants table header.

-o filename, --output filename

Writes output to filename.

Static Functions

int main(int argc, const char *argv[])

Execution entry point. Starts up an interpreter, loads the bytecode from the command-line, and disassembles it.

static void help(void)

Prints out the user help information and exits.

static void show_last_error_and_exit(Parrot_PMC interp)

Prints out the interp's last error and exits.

See Also

src/embed.c and src/debug.c.


Initial version by Daniel Grunblatt on 2002.5.26.

Florian Ragwitz: Moved POD documentation that's not necessary to know how to actually run the disassembler to normal C comments (Wed, 16 Nov 2005).

Reini Urban: Renamed from disassemble to pbc_disassemble (2008-07-03).
            Add options: help, -h, -o, --debug, --bare (2009-01-29)
            Force option 1 for passing version check (2009-03-07)

Kevin Polulak (soh_cah_toa): Updated to use embedding API, moved source file
                            to frontend/pbc_disassemble, and cleaned up
                            source code and perldoc. (2011-06-19)


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