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pascal_pre_proc - Man Page

Pascal preprocessor based on the PasDoc parser


pascal_pre_proc[Options] FILE


pascal_pre_proc is a Pascal preprocessor based on the parser used by the PasDoc documentation generator. When run, it will parse FILE, interpreting all compiler directives - like {$DEFINE}, {$IDEF}, {$INCLUDE}, as well as FPC macros - and print the result on standard output.


-?,  --help

Display a help message and exit.

-v,  --verbosity LEVEL

Set logging verbosity. LEVEL must be an integer in the 0-6 range. The default is 2.

-D,  --define SYMBOL

Assume SYMBOL is defined when parsing conditional blocks.

-d,  --conditionals CONDFILE

Similar to -D. Reads the list of symbols from CONDFILE.

-I,  --include PATH

Search in PATH when evaluating {$INCLUDE} directives.


Disable support for FPC macros.

See Also

file_to_pascal_data(1), file_to_pascal_string(1), pasdoc(1)

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