parrotbug - Man Page

Parrot bug report


parrotbug [option] [action]


A program to help generate bug reports about parrot, and mail them. It is designed to be used interactively. Normally no arguments will be needed.

Command line Options

To report successful build on this system to parrot developers use :


Only use  --ok   if everything was ok.If there were any problems at all, use :


It is used to Report unsuccessful build on system.

To include specific summary with the message use :

    --summary <summary>

To include specific category to the bug report use :

    --category <category>

To include severity to the bug report use :

    --severity <severity>

To set your emal addres use :

    --from <address>

To open editor to use for editing the bug report use :

    --editor <editor>

Not to send a bug report which receive acknowledgement use :


To open a file containing the body of the report use :


Use this to quickly send a prepared message.

To view file where parrotbug will save it's bug report use :


Note: you will be prompted if the program miss some information.

Command line Actions

To dump message use :


To save message use :


To print help message and exit after that use :


To print version information and exit after that use :



For more help or any other question you go to <> or <>.Or you can send email to ''. You are also invited to join the #parrot IRC channel on


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