parrot-ops2c - Man Page

Convert Parrot opcodes to C


parrot-ops2c [option]


Translate Parrot opcode files (.ops) to C files.

Command line Options

For help, use :


To generate the C code for core ops (must be run from within Parrot's build directory), use :


To generate the C code for dynamic ops in a single .ops file, use :

    -d <file.ops>
    --dynamic <file.ops>

To suppress error messages, use :


To suppress #line directives in generated C code (line numbers are not currently supported), use :


For debugging option :  To perform all processing without writing to any files, use :


See Also

Before Parrot 6.9.0 this program was called ops2c.


For more help or any other question you go to <> or <>.Or you can send email to ''. You are also invited to join the #parrot IRC channel on


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