par2 man page

par2 — PAR 2.0 compatible file verification and repair tool.


par2 c|v|r [options] <par2 file> [files]

par2 c(reate) [options] <par2 file> [files]
par2 v(erify) [options] <par2 file> [files]
par2 r(epair) [options] <par2 file> [files]

par2create [options] <par2 file> [files]
par2verify [options] <par2 file> [files]
par2repair [options] <par2 file> [files]


par2cmdline is a program for creating and using PAR2 files to detect damage in data files and repair them if necessary. It can be used with any kind of file.



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-a <file>

Set the main par2 archive name; required on create, optional for verify and repair


Set the Block‐Count


Set the Block‐Size (don't use both -b and -s)


Level of redundancy (percentage)


Redundancy target size, <c>=g(iga),m(ega),k(ilo) bytes


Recovery block count (don't use both -r and -c)


First Recovery‐Block‐Number


Uniform recovery file sizes


Limit size of recovery files (don't use both -u and -l)


Number of recovery files (don't use both -n and -l)


Memory (in MB) to use


Number of threads to use (Auto-detected)

-v [-v]

Be more verbose

-q [-q]

Be more quiet (-qq gives silence)


Purge backup files and par files on successful recovery or when no recovery is needed


Recurse into subdirectories (only useful on create)


No data skipping (find badly mispositioned data blocks)


Skip leaway (distance +/- from expected block position)


Treat all remaining command line as filenames


Peter Brian Clements <>
Marcel Partap <>
Ike Devolder <>
par2cmdline-mt: Jussi Kansanen <>

Referenced By

bup-damage(1), bup-fsck(1).

may 2015 0.6.14 Parity archive utils