pappl-makeresheader - Man Page

resource header utility


pappl-makeresheader FILES > FILENAME.h


pappl-makeresheader creates a C header file suitable for inclusion in a printer application. The header file creates a C unsigned char array or string constant that can be used with the papplSystemAddResourceData or papplSystemAddResourceString functions, or as data for a printer icon in the pappl_icon_t structure. The C variable names used for each file are generated by replacing all spaces, dots, and dashes with the underscore. For example, a file named "my printer-icon.png" would have the C variable name "my_printer_icon_png".

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pappl(1), pappl-client(3), pappl-device(3), pappl-job(3), pappl-log(3), pappl-mainloop(3), pappl-printer(3), pappl-resource(3), pappl-system(3).

2020-10-25 Michael R Sweet