pappl - Man Page

printer application framework


Printer Application Framework (libpappl, "pkg-config --cflags --libs pappl")


#include <pappl/pappl.h>


PAPPL is a simple C-based framework/library for developing CUPS Printer Applications, which are the recommended replacement for printer drivers. It is sufficiently general purpose to support any kind of printer or driver that can be used on desktops, servers, and in embedded environments.

PAPPL embeds a multi-threaded HTTP / IPP Everywhere™ server and provides callbacks for a variety of events that allows a GUI or command-line application to interact with both the local user that is running the Printer Application and any network clients that are submitting print jobs, querying printer status and capabilities, and so forth.

PAPPL provides a simple driver interface for raster graphics printing, and developers of CUPS Raster drivers will readily adapt to it. PAPPL can also be used with printers that support vector graphics printing although you'll have to develop more code to support them. Drivers provide configuration and capability information to PAPPL, and PAPPL then calls the driver to print things as needed. PAPPL automatically supports printing of JPEG, PNG, PWG Raster, Apple Raster, and "raw" files to printers connected via USB and network (AppSocket/JetDirect) connections.  Other formats can be supported through "filter" callbacks you register.

See Also

pappl-client(3), pappl-device(3), pappl-job(3), pappl-log(3), pappl-mainline(3), pappl-makeresheader(1), pappl-printer(3), pappl-resource(3), pappl-system(3),

Referenced By

pappl-client(3), pappl-device(3), pappl-job(3), pappl-log(3), pappl-mainloop(3), pappl-makeresheader(1), pappl-printer(3), pappl-resource(3), pappl-system(3).

2020-10-25 Michael R Sweet