paper - Man Page

print paper size information


paper [OPTION...] [PAPER...|--all]


Print paper size information.


print information about all known paper sizes


print paper names (by default, the name is not printed when only one paper argument is given)


print paper sizes (width followed by height)


print dimensions in the given unit [default: PostScript points]


display this help and exit


display version information and exit

paper prints information about the given paper sizes, which can include the standard form of its name, its width and height. The name is matched case-insensitively, and ignoring spaces.

If neither a paper size nor the --all option is given, the current paper size is used.

The current paper size is obtained by looking in order at the following values until a non-empty value is found. If no paper size is configured, paper exits with an error.

Environment Variables


Paper size to use.



System default paper size.


User's default paper size.


Written by Reuben Thomas.

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Referenced By

epsffit(1), extractres(1), includeres(1), paperspecs(5), psbook(1), psjoin(1), psnup(1), psresize(1), psselect(1), pstops(1), tl-psnup(1), tl-psresize(1), tl-pstops(1).

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