pamixer - Man Page

Pulseaudio command line mixer

Examples (TL;DR)


pamixer [Options]


pamixer controls the volume levels of Pulseaudio sinks and sources.


-h,  --help

Show help message.

--sink INDEX

Choose a different sink than the default.

--source INDEX

Choose a different source than the default.


Select the default source.


Get the current volume.


Get the current volume percentage or the string "muted".

--set-volume PERCENTAGE

Set the volume.

-i,  --increase PERCENTAGE

Increase the volume.

-d,  --decrease PERCENTAGE

Decrease the volume.

-t,  --toggle-mute

Switch between mute and unmute.

-m,  --mute

Set mute.


Allow volume to go above 100%.

--gamma AMOUNT

Increase/decrease using gamma correction e.g. 2.2.

-u,  --unmute

Unset mute.


Display true if the volume is mute, false otherwise.


List the sinks.


List the sources.


pamixer -d 5

Will decrease the volume by 5% on the default sink.

pamixer --source 2 -m

Will mute source 2.

See Also

amixer(1), alsamixer(1)