pamix - Man Page


pamix [--version]


This is a pavucontrol inspired ncurses based pulseaudio mixer for the commandline


General options

--version print build version


pamix is configured using a file called pamix.conf inside the $XDG_CONFIG_HOME or $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS directories or their default values, should they not be set.
$XDG_CONFIG_HOME will be preferred over $XDG_CONFIG_DIRS.


PAmix conf files support the following commands:
* set * bind * unbind * unbindall

characters after a ';' will be interpreted as comments and ignored


Synopsis: set KEY=VALUE

set is used to set a variable. This is currently only relevant for the 'pulseaudio_autospawn' and 'default_tab' options.



bind is used to bind a keyname to a mixer-command.
Some mixer-commands require an argument.
You can bind a keyname to multiple mixer-commands.


Synopsis: unbind KEYNAME

unbind will remove all bindings for the given keyname


Synopsis: unbindall

unbindall will remove all key bindings


Pamix-Commands can be bound to keys using the bind command and are used to interact with pamix.
The following pamix-commands are currently supported: * quit * select-tab * select-next * select-prev * set-volume * add-volume * cycle-next * cycle-prev * toggle-lock * set-lock * toggle-mute * set-mute


quit will cause PAmix to exit and takes no arguments.


select-tab will select one of the following tabs: Output Devices, Input Devices, Playback, Recording, Cards
select-tab takes the number of the tab to switch to starting at 0 in the order mentioned.

select-next and select-prev

these commands are given the optional argument 'channel' they will select the next and previous channels. if no argument is given they will select the next and previous entry in the displayed tab.


this command takes the targetvalue in form of a double as an argument.
depending on weather channels are locked, this command will set the volume of the selected entry/channel to the targetvalue given in the argument.
Example: bind 0 set-volume 1.0 ; this will set the volume to 100%


this command takes a deltavalue in form of a double as an argument.
the deltavalue can be negative Example: bind h add-volume -0.05 ; this will reduce the volume by 5%

cycle-next and cycle-prev

these commands will change the device or port of the currently selected entry.
they dont take any arguments.


this command toggles weather channels should be locked together for the currently selected entry
and takes no arguments.


this command takes either '0' or '1' as an argument and sets the channel-lock like the toggle-lock mixer-command.


toggles weather the currently selected entry is muted
and takes no arguments.


works like the set-lock mixer-command, but sets weather the currently selected entry is muted or not

Default Configuration

pamix does not autospawn pulseaudio by default

F1      show Playback tab
F2      show Recording tab
F3      show Output devices tab
F4      show Input devices tab
F4      show Cards tab
0-9     set volume to percentage (10%-100%)
j/down  select next channel
J       select next entry
k/up    select previous channel
K       select previous entry
h/left  decrease volume
h/right increase volume
c       un/lock channels
s/S     select next/previous device/port


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