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packit-source-git-update-source-git - Man Page

Update a source-git repository based on a...


packit source-git update-source-git [Options] DIST_GIT SOURCE_GIT [REVISION_RANGE]


Update a source-git repository based on a dist-git repository.

Update a source-git repository with the selected checkout of a spec file and additional packaging files from a dist-git repository.

Revision range represents part of dist-git history which is supposed to be synchronized. Use `HEAD~..` if you want to synchronize the last commit from dist-git. For more information on possible revision range formats, see gitrevisions(7). If the revision range is not specified, dist-git commits with no counterpart in source-git will be synchronized.

If patches or the sources file in the spec file changed, the command exits with return code 2. Such changes are not supported by this command, code changes should happen in the source-git repo.

Inapplicable changes to the .gitignore file are ignored since the file may not be synchronized between dist-git and source-git.

This command, by default, performs only local operations and uses the content of the source-git and dist-git repositories as it is, no checkout or fetch is performed.

After the synchronization is done, packit will inform about the changes it has performed and about differences between source-git and dist-git prior to the synchronization process.

Dist-git commit messages are preserved and used when creating new source-git commits, but a 'From-dist-git-commit' trailer is appended to them to mark the hash of the dist-git commit from which they are created.


Take the extra (not synchronized) commit(s) of systemd dist-git repo and copy the spec file and other packaging files into the source-git repo:

   $ packit source-git update-source-git rpms/systemd src/systemd

Synchronize changes from the last three dist-git commits:

   $ packit source-git update-source-git rpms/systemd src/systemd HEAD~3..


-f, --force

Don't check the synchronization status of the source-git and dist-git repos prior to performing the update.


2024-07-09 0.98.0 packit source-git update-source-git Manual