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packit-source-git-update-dist-git - Man Page

Update a dist-git repository using content...


packit source-git update-dist-git [Options] SOURCE_GIT DIST_GIT


Update a dist-git repository using content from a source-git repository

Update a dist-git repository with patches created from the commits between <upstream_ref> and the current HEAD of the source-git repo.

This command, by default, performs only local operations and uses the content of the source-git and dist-git repository as it is: does not checkout branches or fetches remotes.

A commit in dist-git is created only if a commit message is provided with --message or --file. This commit will have a 'From-source-git-commit' Git-trailer appended to it, to mark the hash of the source-git commit from which it is created.

The source archives are retrieved from the upstream URLs specified in the spec-file and uploaded to the lookaside cache in dist-git only if


To update a dist-git repo from source-git without uploading the source-archive to the lookaside cache and creating a commit with the updates, run:

   $ packit source-git update-dist-git src/curl rpms/curl

To also commit the changes and upload the source-archive to the lookaside-cache specify -m and --pkg-tool:

   $ packit source-git update-dist-git -m'Update from source-git'             --pkg-tool fedpkg src/curl rpms/curl


--upstream-ref TEXT

Git ref of the last upstream commit in the current branch from which packit should generate patches (this option implies the repository is source-git).

--pkg-tool TEXT

Name or path of the packaging tool used to work with sources in the dist-git repo. A variant of 'rpkg'.

Skip retrieving and uploading source archives to the lookaside cache if not specified.

-m, --message <msg>

Commit the changes in the dist-git repository and use <msg> as the commit message.

Mutually exclusive with -F.

-F, --file <file>

Commit the changes in the dist-git repository and take the commit message from <file>. Use - to read from the standard input.

-f, --force

Don't check the synchronization status of the source-git and dist-git repos prior to performing the update.


2024-07-09 0.98.0 packit source-git update-dist-git Manual